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Holiday, quarantine, award and export

Been a while since the last blog due to being away on holiday. 8 of us stayed in a villa on the island of Menorca. We arrived on the Friday then on the Sunday the foreign and commonwealth office advised that all but essential travel to Spain and the islands should be avoided. However they did state that anybody already away on holiday were safe to stay for the duration of their holiday. 

Where we stayed

Then 2 days later we received a text from our travel agent telling us our return flight had been cancelled and they would be in touch with alternative arrangements but in the meantime to enjoy our holiday.  After hearing nothing for a couple of days we were starting to have concerns, but then we received a call giving us details of our new flight home. On the Monday which meant our holiday was cut short by 4 days. 

We were also told that on arrival home we would have to quarantine for 14 days.  Fortunately we managed to get an online shop so at least we could refill the cupboards with food. 

We returned home on the Monday to begin quarantine at home, fortunately my workshop is at home so on the Tuesday I was able to go in the workshop. 
While I was in the workshop on the Tuesday I received a telephone call telling me that I had won the North of England Prestige Award 2020. This came as a complete surprise and for once I was lost for words. 

Just when I got over the shock of that, on Thursday I received my first order from America. All I have to do now is wait for my quarantine period to end so that I can post of my order to the USA. 

In the meantime I will be back in the workshop making sawdust. 

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