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Mental health awareness week

Seeing as it’s Mental Health Awareness week, that’s seems like an appropriate topic for this weeks blog. Was just righting this blog when my phone pinged to notify me that I had just won the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday award and then my phone went nuts with twitter notifications. Still hasn’t fully sunk in yet so that might be a topic for the next blog. So back to the original topic of the blog. mental health awareness week. 

You may or may not be aware that I suffer with depression, but you probably do know somebody who suffers with it. What you probably don’t know is what it feels like to suffer from depression. I know not everybody who suffers it had the same feelings, but this is my personal experience. 

One minute your happily plodding along. Then all of a sudden something happens or someone says something and it’s like your stood at the top of a slide and somebody’s just pushed you over the edge.

Suddenly your sliding down the slide. You know your heading down but you don’t want to. You put your arms and legs out like a star fish to try wedge yourself against the sides. But it doesn’t work you can’t stop. No matter how hard you try. Your heading down to the pit of despair. 

Quite often something happens or somebody says something and all of a sudden you hit a ramp and the slide fires you back up to the top. 

Sometimes however you don’t hit the ramp and you keep going right to the bottom and then your stuck until you find the route out. 

The worst thing is knowing you on the downward slope but being unable to stop the slide even though you want to you can’t. And knowing that the people around aren’t aware of what is happening inside your mind and don’t see the battle you are fighting within yourself. They just think your being a miserable git and tell you to cheer up and that makes you feel like worse. The best thing people can do when your in that awful place is to just be there to offer a listening ear, a shoulder or sometimes no words are necessary just a hug or to know that your their for them can be comfort enough. 

Different people use different methods to help cope with the symptoms when they appear. Me personally I usually find that woodturning helps. However sometimes that’s not possible especially late at night or early morning, as my neighbours wouldn’t be impressed so in that case I resort to watching woodturning on YouTube or Tom and Jerry cartoons. 

Anyway enough of the depression. Time to go celebrate winning #SBS

2 thoughts on “Mental health awareness week

  1. A lovely post and I can fully relate to the battle with depression since I had my breakdown in 2017 and finally admitted that I needed help. So many congratulations on your much deserved SBS win and I hope to join you one day soon. Enjoy the craziness.

    1. Thank you and good luck with future #SBS entry’s

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