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My first blog

Well I’ve had a blog page on my website for quite some time, but for one reason or another I have never got round to putting anything on it. 

I thought it was about time that did put something on this page so at least it’s not just a blank page. 

So what to write. 

I recently did an online course on finishing of woodturning products. The course was titled “The Extraordinary Excellence I’m Finishing” and was run by Martin Saban-Smith at Hampshire Sheen.  The course included the use of embellishing waxes to enhance the grain, to achieve my certificate I had to submit some evidence of my work using the embellishing waxes. 

Last week I received an email from the instructor with my certificate which I have uploaded to the awards page on here, I also received some fantastic feed back regarding the pieces I submitted. 

The pieces you’ve sent in for your home work are great. I very much like the oak plate. The finish looks spotless and with a good sheen to it, too. In fact, in all the pieces, I can’t see any tool or sanding marks at all. Great stuff! I like the embellishing on the last piece, too. If I may critique for you, I think either a bronze or black wax would complement the piece a little more than the blue, and perhaps a key line where the rim starts to dip into the bowl would clearer define the difference between the embellished part and the natural surface of the bowl. Just a thought for you. The sapele tealight holder is very sweet. I like the simple shape and the attention to the detail of the added rings. Top work.

Martin Saban-Smith via email 27 April 2020

Couldn’t believe the feedback.  As even though I have been woodturning for a few years I still feel like an imposter in the world of woodturning. 

In other news, I recently agreed to become a supplier. I agreed to supply my Oriental Lamp style bird feeders to Elizabeth at Hedge Buddies for the bird feeder and bird mix set on her website.

Well that’s the first blog finally written if you’ve taken the time to read it all then thank you very much and if you would be so kind as to leave some feedback either positive or negative it would be appreciated as this is will help me make this blog better.

6 thoughts on “My first blog

  1. Great First Blog Ian
    full of great little pieces of news
    Hope you also at times write about the creative process to

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes there will be more going on here about the creative process.

  2. Great first blog! Look forward to reading more.

  3. Enjoyed your blog Ian.
    Please add some images next time x

    1. Thanks for the feedback Jo.

      Will include photos in future blogs. 👍

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