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The difficult second blog

Well I’ve heard musicians always say the second album is the most difficult, and so it is with this blog. Thought the first was difficult, but the second even even more difficult. 

Where to start. Well Friday was my grans funeral, she was 92 years old, she had been in a home for dementia sufferers for the last few years. The attendance for the funeral service was highly restricted due to Coronavirus with only 12 family members in attendance. The outstanding memory every family member had  of my gran was when my grandad complained of not getting Yorkshire puddings for Sunday dinner, so she made him them daily with every meal for a week even on the night they had fish, chips & mushy peas 😂😂 he never complained again.

So back to the workshop, the latest project. A large vase made from a burr. 

I’ve had the piece in the workshop for quite a while, but haven’t known what to make with it. When I went in the workshop this morning I had a moment of inspiration. So I mounted on the lathe between centers and started turning. I turned a tenon on the bottom so I could mount it in the chuck. I then started to round the piece. 

 Once rounded off I then started to shape the outside of the vase. After shaping, the vase was then sanded to give a smooth tactile finish then wiped over with methylated spirits to remove the dust, next a coat of sanding sealer applied, then a layer of sanding wax applied to the surface  once the surface was smooth, the finish of several coats of friction polish was applied and burnished. 

Then inside was then hollowed out and then the same finishing process was used on the inside as the outside and so here is the finished piece. 

As you may have noticed most of my wood turning design process takes place during the make. 

Quite often I can put a piece of wood on the lathe and have absolutely no idea what I will finish up with and other times I may start with a plan of what I want to make,  but the plan may change part way through depending on what the wood looks like as it’s turned and design changes may take place to emphasize parts of the grain. 

4 thoughts on “The difficult second blog

  1. A difficult week for you yet an entertaining blog!

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