About Me


My name is Ian Davenport and I am the owner of Davenports Handmade. 

I spent the first 26 years of my working life on the railway, starting as an apprentice after leaving school. After finishing my apprenticeship I progressed to being a maintenance fitter/electrician. Over the next 22 years I continued to work on the railway gaining several promotions to eventually reaching managerial level. 

In 2016 I was diagnosed with severe work related depression and placed on sick by the doctor. Whilst on sick it was recommended by my doctor that I find a hobby that would take my mind off the things that were causing the problem. My dad suggested I try woodturning as he had taken this up as a hobby after retiring. 

I very quickly found that woodturning was very therapeutic and the doctor was right it did help. 

After being on sick for over 12 months my employer and I decided that it would be better for my health and mental well-being to leave and find alternative employment. 

I left the railway in April 2017 and decided to progress my hobby to the next step and hence Davenports Handmade was established. 

I have made and sold products that are now spread to many locations all around the globe including America, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and the Channel Islands.

Since the business began I have gone on to win several awards including being selected by Mr Theo Paphitis (Dragons Den) to receive one of his Small Business Sunday Awards.

Over time I have expanded and can now also call on the services of  my wife who I have also successfully taught how to wood turn and she now has her own lathe in our workshop so we can both be making products for sale.  

The range of items made has been expanded to include pens bowls and jewellery boxes. 

Every item is handmade in my small Leeds based workshop, the fact that it is handmade means that you can be sure that the item you purchase will be unique. 

We can also take on bespoke projects, so if you have a special request please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

I also offer woodturning experience days in the workshop where you can come and have a go at wood turning without the going to the expense of purchasing a lathe and all the equipment. Please contact us for more details.